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Readers sound off on the NYPD gang database, Judge Cannon and housing vouchers

Manhattan: Since the arrest of the 45th president of the United States under the Georgia RICO statute, I have read many news articles and heard many people opine that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is misusing said statute.

One argument some posit is that the former president’s attempts to overturn the results of our free and fair democratic election do not constitute a racketeering conspiracy because they believe it is preposterous that this “loose association of actions by people who may have never even met each other nor set foot in Georgia” is considered to be an “ongoing criminal enterprise.”

However, I implore those who are angered by what they believe to be a judicial overreach to also keep the same energy when calling their representatives, Gov. Hochul and President Biden on behalf of the many low-income NYCHA residents who have been ensnared by racketeering and conspiracy charges at the behest of the NYPD gang database.

Perhaps 45 and his minions should consult with residents of Eastchester Gardens, Grant Houses and Manhattanville Houses if they’re concerned about mitigating the damage of RICO charges, but I am unsure as to how much advice they will be able to gather given the number of families and lives ruined by the NYPD and its inaccurate gang database, which mysteriously seems to be missing people of one specific race. Emily G. Predmore

White Plains, N.Y.: I can’t believe that I could actually have something in common with Donald Trump. During his booking on felony conspiracy charges, he wasn’t weighed, but reported his weight as 215 pounds. Whenever I’m asked my weight, I never tell the truth. I do, however, always give my weight goal. Randi Bernstein Feigenbaum

Brooklyn: To Voicer Gregory J. Topliff: Rarely have I seen a bigger compilation of lies in so few paragraphs. Trump is and has been an un-convicted felon for decades. It amazes me how blind Trumpers are to the lies. He is a monster. “There will be retribution in 2024.″ The only retribution would be Trump in prison, penniless. You bring shame to the law enforcement profession. As a father of a police officer and uncle and brother to more, I know of what I speak. A president is not supposed to traffic in retribution. God save this country from you and those who agree with you. Frederick Sweeney

Charlotte, N.C.: I don’t understand all the adulation for Trump’s mugshot. Rather than that of a combat Marine, as suggested by Voicer Gregory J. Topliff, Trump looks more like he’s suffering from his draft-dodging bone spurs. And if a picture is really worth a thousand words, the correct caption ought to be: “Would you buy a used car from this man?” Ron Turek

Utica, N.Y.: While the evidence in the Florida documents case seems overwhelming, our expectation was always that Federal Judge Aileen Cannon would put her thumb on the scale for Donald Trump. As she chastises Special Counsel Jack Smith around Trump lawyer Stanley Woodward’s obvious conflicts of interest in his multiple representations, we are starting to get a clearer picture of her shenanigans. It seems likely this lovestruck puppy will go to any lengths to win this case for her hero, including making direct suggestions to his attorney. If she gets overturned later, so what? Maybe Trump will be president again by then (not bloody likely) and will make the case go away by trying to pardon himself. In any case, she’s not really risking anything because Trump appointed her for life. Although he is innocent until proven guilty, it sure looks like the case is rigged for him in Judge Cannon’s court. Jeff and Joan Ganeles

Jacksonville, Fla.: I noticed how it was so apparent that Ron DeSantis looked so uncomfortable sitting during the vigil here on Sunday honoring the three Black people shot to death at the Dollar General. He actually squirmed in his seat, with a very obstinate expression on his face! This guy wants to be our president? I wonder if he would have looked so uncomfortable if he was honoring three murdered white people. Of course this hypocrite governor got booed. What do you expect from this predominantly Black crowd for a man who stopped Florida schools from teaching the truth about this country’s original sin of slavery? If it were white students who were slain, I’m sure he would have been sitting front and center! Remember the huge mistake made in the 2016 election? Does America really need a Trump-lite clone in the White House in 2025? God forbid! Carl Hafner

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Whitestone: Every day, news channels should have on a parent or friend who lost someone to gun violence. Let all of America hear their story and feel their loss. We should throw it out there every single day, over and over, until it stops. The tears are endless. Sally DeFelice

Manhattan: I’m seeing lantern flies dead and alive all over the streets. This is apparently a very harmful species that kills trees. Anne Perryman

Woodbury, L.I.: Re “City’s Human Resources Administration failing to comply with own procedures: analysis” (May 8, 2014): Nothing with the HRA has gotten better. I took in a tenant with a voucher on Aug. 1 and still have not received the first month’s rent or the September rent. There was such urgency to get her out of her previous situation but there is no urgency to get me my rent to assist paying my mortgage. I can’t reach anyone, have called multiple lines and even got the case manager’s number, but nothing. They are sending paper checks twice a month instead of one check monthly or electronically like the rest of the world. The banks wouldn’t cash two of the checks because they put the tenant’s name on the checks and two other checks bounced. They don’t want landlords to have a bad taste in their mouths regarding voucher people, but we can’t get paid. The tenant is so nice, but I want her out if I can’t get paid. Jenelle Fraser

Central Islip, L.I.: It’s about time our federal and state lawmakers take a stand against the legal practice of buying or building high-priced properties. They make money hand over fist but they are only required to offer a minimal amount of affordable units, especially in Suffolk County. Maybe lawmakers and everyone everywhere can band together and demand a change to these laws. Instead of offering 10% of their units as affordable, they should be required to offer 90% as affordable and 10% as luxury units. Nobody can afford these units, as even studio apartments are starting at more than $2,100. There are too many homeless people living on the streets or in shelters! Rochelle Davidson

Brooklyn: Voicer Tony Anastasio writes, “The mutants who voted for these useless morons are proud. Put the migrants in Central Park. You can fit 500,000 of them there, and all of the libturds who voted for this can take care of them in their backyard.” Mutants, useless morons and libturds? This is the kind of puerile drivel that you choose to publish? If The News has even a shred of hope of being taken seriously as a journalistic enterprise, maybe your Voice of the People column needs to raise its standards just a little bit. Steven Jay Cohen

Manhattan: Re “Flood of stray cats hits many city nabes” (Aug. 20): Access to affordable spay/neuter services could offset millions in tax dollars down the line when shelters struggle to humanely make up for humans’ irresponsible behavior on the front end. The intelligent approach to solving any problem is to meet it at the source, no? Put the money into spay/neuter services. The rat, disease and bird information in the article supplied by supposed experts was, at best, disingenuous and is soundly debunked by responsible studies easily found with any search engine. Mike Phillips

Manhattan: I’m grateful I have my family, friends and loved ones. I’m grateful I’m not too bad looking! And when all else fails, I’m grateful I can start again with a thousand new beginnings. Let’s love and let go! Eva Tortora

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