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Readers sound off on going too far, an energy bill and small liquor stores

Manhattan: It’s surprising that someone who was a trained Marine would think it is necessary to use force to kill instead of force to subdue. Daniel Penny didn’t need to put Jordan Neely in a chokehold to subdue him. He could have grabbed him around the waist or put him in a full nelson. As an armed forces veteran, Penny had to have known that.

Also as former armed forces personnel (just like a cop), Penny needs to be held accountable. A cop would lose his job and face charges for killing someone by using a chokehold.

That said, 10 years is way too much. Bernhard Goetz only received a few months in jail and he had an illegal gun. But Goetz claimed that his life was in danger. He had multiple people confronting him. Neely was yelling at people, which I see occasionally on the subway. I don’t think Neely was a threat to anyone’s life or even likely to put his hands on them.

When I was young and on the subway, someone grabbed my jacket and said I cut them off. I was able to tell them it wasn’t my intention to cut them off and I didn’t see them. The person, who was much bigger than me, let go of me and I got off at my stop.

Sometimes talking works. As a Marine, Penny should have known he should de-escalate the situation. He made it worse. Edward Drossman

Floral Park: If the goal of Voicer Jim Heimbuch’s letter was to put his smug arrogance on full display, he succeeded with flying colors. It wasn’t enough for Heimbuch to act like he had the first clue how dangerous and threatening Jordan Neely was on that subway car (“I’ll kill a motherf—-r” doesn’t frighten brave Jim Heimbuch!), he also questioned Daniel Penny’s worthiness as a Marine. The only thing I know about Heimbuch is his letter, but it tells me at least one thing: If my wife, my kids or I are in a crowded subway car with someone who is threatening and menacing other passengers, I’d want Penny in that car instead of Heimbuch every single time. Brian Conway

Manhattan: Daniel Penny’s supporters consistently refer to him as a Good Samaritan. I don’t recall that the Good Samaritan ever killed anyone by putting them in a chokehold. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I believe that Penny’s actions are the antithesis of both the actions of a Good Samaritan and the lesson we were to learn from that story. Cheryl Bulbach

Stamford, Conn.: I wonder how many times Al Sharpton and AOC ride the subway — and when they do, they have armed escorts to protect them. When I am riding the subway, if I see your grandmother, wife, daughter, son, granddaughter or grandson getting hassled and attacked, do you really think I’m going to ignore my safety and intervene? And what, be called a racist and then be arrested while the perp, who probably has 20 pages of arrest records, goes free? Yeah, right. I got a bridge I want to sell you. Peter Sulzicki

Staten Island: A stranger was standing by the storefront office door. Finally, dad opened it a bit and asked, “May I help you?” It took nine years for my father to die from being stabbed that day. Lynne Kessler

Manhattan: Congratulations to the Daily News for its May 24 editorial (“Bikes and scooters everywhere”) calling for stricter enforcement of the existing laws concerning bikes, e-bikes and other motorized vehicles from riding on sidewalks and ignoring traffic laws, such as running red lights. I hope this will bring about a change and that the NYPD will start enforcing the law. I have waited more than 40 years. Douglas Leeds

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Bay Shore, L.I.: The latest New York State budget included a lot of important measures to reduce dirty emissions. But without the Just Energy Transition Act, down to the wire in the Legislature right now, we won’t have a planning and procurement process to replace polluting fossil fuel plants with clean energy. Assembly members Anna Kelles of Ithaca and Didi Barrett of Poughkeepsie are the key actors here, but Bronx Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is responsible for including the bill in these last few vital weeks of the legislative session. We can’t reduce harmful emissions with the climate mandate alone. We need legal mechanisms in place to protect us against dirty air and the gas-powered climate crisis. David Bissoon

Howard Beach: My garden team and I have worked tirelessly with our fabulous principal, Mrs. Danielle Cross, to create an outdoor learning center and gratitude garden. We know that one of the city’s initiatives is to focus on sustainability throughout the New York City schools and we are so proud to share our new outdoor space. Jodi Tucci

Belvidere, N.J.: Talk about a half-baked idea: Voicer Angelo Rufrano has found a new excuse for abortion. That is, it’s acceptable to kill the unborn, thus guaranteeing a human life its eternity in Heaven, and to avoid Hell in the process. Rufrano assures us that all fetuses go to Heaven. Therefore, Rufrano acknowledges the sanctity of human life in the womb. But will he now acknowledge that abortion is murder, and God’s justice will condemn the unrepentant abortionist to an eternity in Hell? By the way, Angelo, a “biologically aborted fetus” is a misnomer. In truth, it’s termed a miscarriage. Dan Arthur Pryor

Monroe, N.J.: Well, a raffle for Kevin McCarthy’s used ChapStick went for $100,000, paid by Marjorie Taylor Greene for her constituents! Just what they want or need as we face a dangerous debt crisis. The sick behavior of these representatives can only lead to a better game. How about a round of pin the tail on the donkey? Oh, sorry, there are too many asses in Congress, which would make the game too easy for them! Katherine A. Moloney

Brooklyn: The Daily News published an opinion piece advocating for the sale of wine in New York supermarkets (“Raise a glass to grocery wine sales,” op-ed, May 23) that ignores the impact on local mom-and-pop liquor stores. As one of the state’s 3,500 small liquor store owners, this issue is a possible doomsday scenario. A bill by Manhattan Sen. Liz Krueger is wrongly being positioned as a lifeline for big, rich supermarkets in the wake of COVID, but most supermarkets seem to be thriving. New York’s small spirit shops are mostly family-owned and employ an average of 10 workers. If Super Stop & Shop, WalMart or Whole Foods sell liquor, it will be a job-killer for us. I have the utmost respect for store owners across other industries, but when one seeks a complete takeover of another, it reminds me of Home Depot becoming the nail in the coffin for countless local hardware, paint, lumber and appliance shopkeepers. Michael Correra

Ozone Park: So, no enforceable ethics laws for the Supreme Court justices and Clarence Thomas, but enforcement overreach and harassment in daily life for everyone else? Laws upon laws for me but none for thee? Richard C. Iritano

West Hempstead, L.I.: The incident described by Voicer Saul Rothenberg is correct. That was horrible. The perpetrator was a single deranged follower of the rabbi. No connection to Rabbi Meir Kahane was alleged or proved. Just as we didn’t blame Democrats for their follower shooting Republicans and critically wounding Rep. Steve Scalise, you shouldn’t blame Kahane for one follower. Defending Jews from attack and espousing the indivisibility of the historic land of Israel, a position taken by the League of Nations and binding on the United Nations by the articles of its charter, does not make you a terrorist. Samuel Mark

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