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Readers sound off on dog rescuers, windmills and library funding

Forked River, N.J.: Today’s world has many stories of cruelty and suffering, but the story about those dogs who are being saved by the good people of No Dogs Left Behind is a ray of hope (“Dogs won’t be dinner,” March 24).

In countries like China, dogs are bred for meat while others are stolen right from their own warm, loving homes. They are then kept in the most miserable conditions, not knowing what they have done to deserve such brutal treatment. Very often, one is beaten to death in front of the others because those who are administering that beating believe that a dog who is terrified before death tastes better.

Those brave and good people of No Dogs Left Behind are trying to save as many dogs as they can from these dog meat farms. They are also in places like Ukraine and other war-torn countries, helping animals who are now homeless because their homes were blasted to pieces and their owners are gone.

I have donated to the caring and compassionate men and women who rescue dogs from terror, pain and starvation. Please find it in your heart to send them anything you can. Maybe instead of buying that vanilla bean Frappuccino at Starbucks or some other self-indulgent purchase, your heart might feel better if, instead, you sent those dollars where they can really do some good in this world. Jim Hughes

Congers, N.Y.: I, too, have noticed what Voicer David Gonzalez wrote about with regard to license plates being bent. Another disturbing trend I notice is that vehicle owners are removing the badges from their cars, so you cannot tell the make and model. This should be illegal. What are these owners trying to hide? Beth Friscino

Mineola, L.I.: I agree with all who have written in about “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” This movie is beyond crazy and a waste of viewing time. Nicky Georgeou

Brooklyn: I have to question where the Daily News’ editors were on March 24. There have been quite a few comments as of late concerning “Dilbert” being removed, with complaints about the comic strip’s replacement. But this doesn’t hold a candle to Friday’s “Bottom Liners” comic in The Evening Edition online — the patient lying on the analyst’s couch, saying (all in caps, with “New York” in bold): “Move back to New York? I’d have to have my head examined!” I have an idea: Why don’t you stop calling yourselves New Yorkers? I mean, I hoped you were. But if you hate the beloved Apple enough to approve this tasteless, classless insult, then you are part of the city’s problems. Kicking anyone when they’re down is a low blow, let alone the greatest city in the universe. Even “Dilbert” didn’t sink to that level. Joy E. Goldberg

Manhattan: After listening to the incessant gobbledygook issuing from the mouths of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, I keep wondering when this country will issue a formal national apology to Dan Quayle. Richard M. Sawicki

Bronx: Maybe it’s coincidence, but it seems that any time the Democrats are in trouble (the Hunter Biden laptop) they find a way to deflect attention from themselves to Donald Trump. This latest fiasco is a perfect example. Hunter Biden’s out of the headlines and Trump’s pending arrest, which I’m sure will be drawn out to get maximum coverage, becomes headline news. Al D’Angelo

Hewlett, L.I.: As a lifelong New Yorker raised on Long Island, how could you forget the greatness of Willis Reed and what he brought to this city? The night was electrifying back in May 1970 during a sold-out game seven. Who could forget Willis walking out of the tunnel to take his warm-up shots? Heck, even Lakers players stopped to watch. Fast forward to 2023: If I was given free tickets, I would throw them away. Take the LIRR to NYC — are you kidding me? Walk around Madison Square Garden now — are you kidding me? Start doing your jobs, Gov. Hochul, Mayor Adams and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg! The pandemic is over. Stop crucifying Donald Trump. Make New York City the great place it once was. Don’t turn it into another California! Michael A. Franza Sr.

Manhattan: I really hope Alvin Bragg achieves the prosecutorial equivalent of a belly flop if he tries to prosecute Trump. I do not like Trump one iota. Then why, you ask? That would be because Bragg has not done his job prosecuting drug dealers, muggers, shoplifters and other criminals, thus turning NYC into a lawless dystopia. Ask any small business owner and they will tell you the same thing: Safe streets are key to economic prosperity. Patricia Clark

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Kew Gardens: Trump supporter and protester Sheri Saxon, who suggested “staging a coup,” should be aware that at any other time in American history, staging a coup would have been regarded as treason and possibly resulted in her getting shot. The only reason Saxon and the rest of the mouth-breathing, inbred trailer trash support Trump so fervently is he is just like them. He was a sore loser and punk 58 years ago on the basketball courts and still is to this very day. Remember how Trump turned his back on the Jan. 6 protesters who were arrested and charged with insurrection? The same fate awaits you. Jeff Pullen

South Hempstead, L.I.: Ron DeSantis should choose Harris Faulkner as his vice president. What a difference! Mike Quane

East Elmhurst: Environmentalists have always defended our oceans and tried to protect all its magnificent creatures. The treachery of this questionable ideology of climate change is on full display. Windmills are killing thousands of our birds. These violators of our Earth and waters must be challenged. Those of us who stand by and allow this to happen are equally complicit in this barbaric onslaught. Alida E. Davis

Brooklyn: Do you really think that putting the garbage out after 8 p.m. is going to help get rid of our rat problem? It’s just another answer the city throws out there to act like they’re doing something about it. So, they really just gave homeowners another job and another way to issue tickets. P.S.: My wife has video of three rats taking the lid off our garbage can. Our young society today is based on delivery and takeout food, thus creating more garbage. Oh, and also there’s a movement, I guess by leftists, not to kill rats. Solution: Get out of New York. It’s only going to get worse. Joe Many

Bronx: Hey, NYC rats, set your alarm clocks. As of April 1, the Department of Sanitation says garbage must be put on the curbs after 6 p.m. JoLinda Celentano

Manhattan: Recently, two convicted criminals are alleged to have killed an elderly woman on the Upper West Side in a very brutal manner (“2 indicted in brutal slaying, sex assault of woman, 74,” Feb. 22). Does JoAnne Page, president and CEO of the Fortune Society, want to give entry to such “reformed” criminals for her children or elderly parents? I think not, so why must the rest of society be exposed to even more criminals who need reentry? Mary Ciecierski

Brooklyn: It is absolutely disgraceful that Mayor Adams is pushing to reduce funding for the city’s public libraries in his latest budget proposal. Granted, there is pervasive waste and mismanagement throughout the library system, but it provides an educational sanctuary for many senior citizens who have nowhere else to go. How does the mayor justify reducing library hours of operation while recklessly authorizing the payment of $1 billion to feed and house our undocumented immigrants? Hopefully, due to this and his other boondoggles, he will become a one-term mayor. Donald Kempler

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