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Readers sound off on AI election analysis, another pandemic and self-control

Staten Island: To Voicer Bob Pascarella, who asked, “Let’s put aside voting machines, ballot harvesting and drop boxes; based on all we know now, including the recently released Durham report, can we all agree that the 2020 election was stolen?”: I took the liberty of asking your question to ChatGPT. Here is what it said.

Sounds like pretty good advice to me, especially that last part!

“As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time access to the internet or the ability to review the latest developments beyond my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. As of that time, multiple courts, including the Supreme Court, and the Department of Justice found no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would have affected the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) described the election as the ‘most secure in American history.’ ”

While it is true that former President Trump has continued to claim that the election was stolen, these claims have been extensively investigated and debunked. The Durham report you mentioned refers to an investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the Russia investigation, and its release would not necessarily provide evidence to support claims of election theft.

It’s important to rely on credible sources of information, including government agencies, independent fact-checkers and reputable news outlets when evaluating such claims. Engaging in critical thinking and considering multiple perspectives is essential to forming well-informed opinions. Gina Ottrando

Roosevelt, L.I.: Readers are leaders. Therefore, banning books, banning poems, and banning Black history, is a dehumanizing effort to kill, steal, and destroy the minds of upcoming young leaders. Banning books, banning poems, banning Black History, and burning words of wisdom, is the wicked social-political practice of the workers of iniquity, who are the tools of the evil trinity of racism, classism, and sexism. The book-banning movement is just as evil as the wicked totalitarian ritual book-burning movement. Throughout the entire landscape of America, our nation is more and more multicultural, multilingual and multiracial. Expanding book reading and research, not banning book reading and research, is the way of wisdom, knowledge and truth. Arthur L. Mackey Jr.

Brooklyn: RIP Tina Turner. You were simply the best, above all the rest. Josie Oliveri

New Windsor, N.Y.: Although I’m only 57, I know good music when I hear it, and Ed Ames was one marvelous singer besides being a terrific actor with Fess Parker on “Daniel Boone.” That incident on the Johnny Carson show was classic. One of his best songs was “Try to Remember” from the Broadway show “The Fantasticks.” Jerry Orbach’s version was fantastic, but Ed’s beautiful baritone was the better version. A long, well-lived life, and now he is with his singing brothers Joe, Gene and Vic in Heaven. Rest in peace Edmond Dantes Urick. Todd Schuster

Staten Island: Mayor Adams, you have it wrong — if we are going to use all the empty apartments in the city. You need to have priorities — any and all homeless vets (who, after serving, should never be on the streets); the homeless of New York City; and the immigrants who are being bused in. Dennis Mauer

Brooklyn: I contacted the Sanitation Department about dumpsters taking up parking spaces on Freeport Loop, Brooklyn. I was told that the school PS-346 has nothing to do with the placement of the dumpsters and that Sanitation will place the dumpsters where they belong, a fenced-in area for the dumpsters. Seems that the school has a new custodian engineer and this might be the problem. These dumpsters were in their correct location for at least 40 years, as long as I have lived here. Parking is a real problem here in Starrett City. Every space counts. Clifford F. Zeman

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Sunnyside: There is some truth to Voicer Samuel Mark’s statement that Meir Kahane could not be held responsible for the bombing of Sol Hurok’s office, which killed a Jewish woman, since it was committed by a deranged member of the Jewish Defense League and Kahane condemned the bombing. However, Kahane was a youth leader of Beitar, the political wing of the Irgun, during the 1940s and he never condemned the Irgun or the Stern Gang for the bombing of the King David Hotel, which killed 91 innocent people. He really did have an obligation to condemn that. At the same time, Irish Catholics had an obligation to condemn the Irish Republican Army terrorists and Irish Protestants had an obligation to condemn the Ulster Defense Association terrorists, and Palestinians have an obligation to condemn the terrorists in Hamas and the PLO. John Francis Fox

Ashburn, Va.: The general consensus among experts seems to be that the next deadly pandemic may very well be airborne, and that cleaning surfaces, purifying food and water and eliminating mosquitos won’t stop it. Worse, it could arrive within a decade or so. Granted, this is a worst-case scenario but it’s one we must prepare for. The experts also conclude that the best solution for our crowded cities “will require innovation beyond better ventilation and ways to filter air. ‌This could include light bulbs that also emit germ-killing wavelengths that are still safe for humans.” It will also require a well-funded and White House-supported CDC, dedicated researchers around the country and individual inventors who can advance scientific breakthroughs. We have our goal. Let’s get started. Mike Barrett

Manhattan: Once again, Bramhall hits the nail on the head with his Sunday cartoon about Mayor Adams using Citi Field to house migrants. Brilliant. Damian Begley

Scarsdale, N.Y.: If the situation is exactly the same, except Daniel Penny is a Black man, does Al Sharpton do Jordan Neely’s eulogy? Are there protests calling for Penny’s head? Does AOC call it a public murder? Is more than $2 million raised for Penny’s defense fund? Are Republicans so quick to support Penny? John Kern

Oak Ridge, N.J.: In regards to Voicer Brian Conway’s letter, please also read Voicer Edward Grossman’s letter from Saturday. You will see, Mr. Conway, there are other like-minded thinkers who would also not have lost their cool. It sounds as though Grossman is also a service or ex-service person. Mr. Conway, you sound like a nice guy. I have no argument with you. You stated that if someone was threatening other passengers and your family, you would count on someone else to save you. Maybe you should take a self-defense class so you can protect your own family. If you and your family were on a train and someone was yelling they were going to kill someone, what’s the big deal? These are lyrics found in a 100 songs, and lastly, if you were in this situation with me, I can guarantee you I would defend you and your family if the threat was real enough. You would be glad I was there, believe me. Jim Heimbuch

North Bellmore, L.I.: How on Earth is anyone other than Superman with his super vision supposed to not only read, but fill in the squares of this new Saturday puzzle opposite the TV listings? I use an extra fine pen to do the paper’s other two puzzles, and even this doesn’t fit legibly into the squares. Are you kidding me? While I am on this subject, I and several other readers and solvers have complained numerous times about the ability to see the numbers in the boxes in Sunday’s “The Big X Word.” It’s been some time since I voiced my opinion on this subject, and nothing has been done. You charge three and a half bucks for home delivery on Sunday. The least you can do is listen to and appreciate your readers’ concerns. Jimmy Schmitt

Omaha: For those of you that complain about the poor sports section in the Daily News, our Omaha World Herald newspaper is not only the same, but they quit printing the box scores of MLB games some four years ago, and they still raised our rates! Tom Dahulick

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