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Ed Sheeran reveals how fatherhood curbed his drug use, binge-drinking

Fatherhood has been good for Ed Sheeran.

The English-born singer-songwriter, known for chart-topping hits such as “Thinking Out Loud” and “Shape of You,” is opening up about the change his baby daughters have brought to his life.

In a Rolling Stone cover story published Tuesday, Sheeran revealed that he and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, welcomed their 8-month-old daughter Jupiter last year.

The couple, who have known each other since age 11 and have been married for four years, also share 2-year-old daughter Lyra.

However, leading up to Jupiter’s birth, the couple were presented with fierce challenges and uncertainty. Six months into her pregnancy, Seaborn was diagnosed with a tumor that couldn’t be treated until the baby was born, Sheeran revealed.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. You feel so powerless,” he confessed, while thankfully sharing that his daughter’s birth and wife’s surgery were both successful.

The four-time Grammy Award winner said having daughters led him to clean up his “party boy” ways, which included binge-drinking and drug use that started in his early 20s.

“Two months before Lyra was born, Cherry said, ‘If my waters break, do you really want someone else to drive me to the hospital?’” he revealed. “Because I was just drinking a lot. And that’s when it clicked. I was like, ‘No, actually, I really don’t.’ And I don’t ever want to be pissed holding my kid. Ever, ever.”

“Having a couple of beers is one thing. But having a bottle of vodka is another thing,” Sheeran, 32, continued. “It’s just a realization of, ‘I’m getting into my 30s. Grow up! You’ve partied, you’ve had this experience. Be happy with that and just be done.’ I love red wine, and I love beer. I don’t know any old rockers that aren’t alcoholics or sober, and I didn’t want to be either.”

Sheeran will release a four-part documentary series called “The Sum of It All” on Disney+ in May.

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