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Deadly spring break shootings prompt Miami Beach curfew

Miami Beach implemented a curfew at the popular spring break destination Sunday following a pair of deadly shootings.

The curfew covers much of South Beach from 11:59 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday, according to authorities.

“It is clear that even an unprecedented police presence could not prevent these incidents from occurring,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said Sunday.

“The volume of people in our city, the unruly nature of too many and the presence of guns has created a peril that cannot go unchecked, especially in the evenings,” he added.

The first shooting occurred shortly before 11 p.m. Friday and left a male victim dead and another critically wounded, according to the Miami Beach Police Department. The second shooting happened after 3 a.m. Sunday and also left a male victim dead, cops said.

The incidents involved suspects from out of town, according to the mayor, who said police made arrests after both shootings.

“We don’t ask for spring break in our city,” Gelber said. “We don’t want spring break in our city. It’s too rowdy, brings too much disorder and is simply too difficult to police.”

Businesses within the curfew zone were also banned from selling alcohol for “off-premises consumption” after 6 p.m. Sunday, the mayor said. The curfew did not apply to people commuting to and from work.

City officials planned to meet Monday afternoon to discuss whether to implement another curfew next weekend.

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