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Bronx road-rage killer turned violent after victim started recording: cops

The suspect in a Cross Bronx Expressway killing of a father of four turned violent after the victim started recording him at the scene of an accident, according to the NYPD.

Fausto Rodriguez, 40, driving in his Honda Accord, was rear-ended by the driver of a stolen Ford Edge near the Jerome Ave. exit in Morris Heights just before 11 p.m. Friday night, cops said Tuesday.

The men in the purloined car fled the scene, some on foot, after both cars pulled to the shoulder of the highway.

“The driver of that car states to the victim, ‘This is a stolen car — you deal with it,’ and gets in another car and drives off,” NYPD Assistant Chief Joseph Kenny said.

The suspect, however, returned to where the crash happened, driven by another man in a Rav4.

The killer opened up the stolen vehicle to retrieve something and Rodriguez tried to stop him, Kenny said.

“The victim says, ‘No, you’re not taking anything out of that car — We’re waiting for the police’ and he starts to record them. An argument ensues, a firearm is produced. He is shot and killed,” the assistant chief added.

The suspected murderer has been identified by police but he is yet to be arrested.

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