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Bob Barker’s estate to be donated to 40-plus nonprofits

Following the death of Bob Barker at age 99 on Saturday, assets from the former “Price Is Right” host’s estate will be going to dozens of nonprofit organizations.

Roger Neal, Barker’s longtime representative, told TMZ this week that a bulk of the estate assets will be donated to more than 40 animal rights organizations and military nonprofits.

Those beneficiaries include DonkeyLand, a sanctuary for wild burros and rescued donkeys headquartered in Riverside, Calif., and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an organization that uses a fleet of ships to protect oceans and marine wildlife.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the DonkeyLand team said they were “deeply saddened” by Barker’s passing.

“He was a treasure on earth and a compasionate [sic] legend in the animal kingdom helping animals all over the world,” the organization wrote. “We are very grateful to Bob Barker and Nancy Burnet [Barker’s longtime girlfriend] for helping DonkeyLand in a tremendous way through dedicated grants and donations to help us provide a rescue center for the sick, injured and orphans in our care, as well as a sanctuary and wildlife preserve.”

And on Sunday, Sea Shepherd paid tribute to Barker by sounding the horn of its ship Age of Union for one minute, according to an announcement on the organization’s website. In 2009, Barker’s donations helped Sea Shepherd acquire a ship, which was then named in his honor, to combat whaling in the Antarctic, the post added.

According to Neal, assets from Barker’s estate will also go toward the United Activists for Animal Rights charity. Burnet is the group’s president.

The rep also gave TMZ insight into Barker’s final days, saying the TV host spent a lot of time watching “Two and a Half Men” reruns, indicating to those around him that he still had his sense of humor.

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