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‘Blind Side’ payment info subpoenaed in Michael Oher lawsuit

Former offensive tackle Michael Oher is asking for contract and payment information connected to the 2009 film “The Blind Side,” which tells the story of his relationship with Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, whom he now claims duped him into a conservatorship in order to make business deals in his name.

The 37-year-old Super Bowl champion also wants to see records related to his education.

A Shelby County, Tenn., probate court issued three subpoenas Tuesday seeking information from Memphis Shelby County Schools, “The Blind Side” producers, and the CAA talent agency, according to The Associated Press.

Lawyers representing Oher filed a petition on Aug. 14 accusing the Tuohys of misleading their client into a 2004 conservatorship agreement. Oher said he believed he was formalizing an adoption agreement when he signed those documents shortly after his 18th birthday.

He now seeks to overturn that contract and wants a full accounting of money the Tuohys made off his name and restitution if it’s due.

Prior to being drafted by the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens in 2009, Oher was a standout football player at the University of Mississippi, which he attended after playing high school football in Tennessee. The Tuohys took him in while he was a high schooler whose biological mother battled addiction.

The Tuohys have characterized Oher’s filings as an outlandish “shakedown” linked to an arrangement made to help Oher with health insurance, a driver’s license and college admissions. Their lawyers claim the couple, along with Oher, received a “tiny percentage of net profits” from “The Blind Side,” which checks and accounting statements will prove. The couple is willing to enter into a consent agreement to end the conservatorship, according to their legal representation.

Subpoenas issued Tuesday also call for communications concerning payments related to the book from which “The Blind Side” was adapted. It was written by Michael Lewis, who court filings refer to as a friend of Sean Tuohy’s.

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