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Best self-defense jewelry 2023

The horrific news last year of a Memphis kindergarten teacher’s abduction and slaying while out for a run left many feeling confused and scared. It’s hard to feel safe when something as innocent as a morning jog can end so tragically, but it’s important not to let that fear cripple you.

Fear is important. It helps keep you safe and alive. However, when irrational fear keeps you from living, it is no longer beneficial.

After learning there was a crime in your neighborhood, for instance, it can take a while to feel safe again, even if you weren’t directly affected. While it’s never wise to put yourself in a dangerous situation, facing your fears in a controlled way with a predictable outcome is one of the best ways to help you reclaim your life.

The best way to stay safe is to never be alone. If you’re walking to your car after work or running through a park, always do it with at least one other friend. But if you find yourself alone, there are a few things you can do to help you stay safe:

  • Always be aware of the people around you.
  • Keep to populated, well-lit routes.
  • In an urban environment, keep close to the curb, away from doors and alleys.
  • Walk with purpose.
  • Do not converse with strangers.
  • Never do anything that disengages you from the environment — no talking on the phone or listening to music.
  • Keep items at the ready that can help you avoid or get out of an unpleasant situation (a whistle, pepper spray, etc.).

A Defender Ring is a ring that doubles as a defensive weapon. There are two types of Defender Rings. One has a concealed blade hidden beneath a decorative element. This element can be unscrewed in about two seconds. The other is a ring that has an exposed blade, so there is no prep time required before use.

According to the company, “Defender Ring was founded as a practical self-defense tool for women, following the deaths of Karina Vetrano and Vanessa Marcotte, two women who were attacked in broad daylight while out for a jog.”

A Defender Ring can inflict pain or damage to an attacker by puncturing, slicing or tearing. The ring will also collect a DNA sample from your attacker. The rings range in price from $45 to $149 and are sold on the company’s website, with some options available on Etsy.

The Duo Stacker is a white gold-plated stainless steel ring with stabilizing side supports and features two points.

The Trio Stacker is a stainless steel ring (no plating) with stabilizing side supports and features three points.

The Crest Stacker is a stainless steel ring (no plating) with stabilizing side supports and features a single, curved point.

When activated, the Birdie blasts a loud siren and flashing strobe lights to help frighten off a potential attacker. The device is easy to use, and the battery lasts for up to 40 minutes.

This widely popular pepper spray has a three-in-one formula that includes CS tear gas for a more debilitating effect and UV marking to help identify suspects. The sprayer has a 10-foot range and contains 35 bursts.

The stainless steel whistles in this two-pack create a shrill 120-decibel sound that can scare away attackers before they even get close. The included lanyard means you’ll always have your whistle at the ready.

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