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B2K singer Raz B seen in alarming video on hospital roof

Concern is growing for B2K singer Raz B, with a bizarre video showing him on the roof of a hospital after allegedly breaking a window to escape.

The incident occurred Thursday morning in Kansas City, a day after the crooner shared a video on his Instagram page in which he repeatedly said he did not “feel safe.

Raz B, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, stated in the post that he was at the Hilton hotel in Kansas City and that he was “fighting to stay alive.”

He continues, saying he didn’t want to “have this surgery here,” and shared the address to a Kansas City hospital in the caption.

A video of Raz B on the roof of the same hospital on Thursday was obtained by TMZ.

Concerned onlookers watched from a window across the way and recorded the scene before police arrived and Raz B eventually made it back in through the window.

Officers were sent to Saint Luke’s Hospital around 10:20 a.m. Thursday, after being contacted by hospital security, TMZ reported.

The city’s fire department responded to the scene and placed mats below the building, fearing that Raz B might jump.

A negotiator also assisted police in the action. Ultimately, the singer turned and went back inside peacefully and was treated afterwards by the medical staff, authorities said.

So far, it’s unclear why Raz B was at the hospital or what he may be suffering from.

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